Are you looking for the best ice cream shop in Palma? You can find dozens of them here, so we are going to help you find top 3 visited by locals. They have the best ice cream and really tasty homemade products. You cannot miss them.

Gelateria Rosario

Plaça del Rosario, 4 – Palma
If you want to try the best ice cream in Palma, Gelateria Rosario is the place to go to. This shop has the most unique artisanal ice creams and sorbets that you will find on the island. The beginning of this wonder dates back to 1979. The first manufacture was located in a small town called Andratx, which is also a must-stop while you’re in Mallorca. They have been providing pure happiness to those who try their delicious products.

A remarkably well-located shop, just 5 five minutes away from the Cathedral of Palma and Paseo del Borne, will make you enjoy the city while refreshing your palate with numerous flavours that the establishment provides. The hardest decision you’ll face: which of them should I choose today? Amongst the scrumptious options you can find flavours such as Pistachio (P.D.O. Sicily), Almonds (P.D.O. Mallorca), Hazelnut (P.D.O. Piamonte), Strawberry, Stracciatella (P.D.O. Madagascar), Brownie and many others. Apart from outstanding ice cream and sorbets in Gelateria Rosario, you can also try mouth-watering homemade biscuits here and have something to drink (water, juice, coffee, and so on). If you visit Palma, you cannot miss this ice cream shop!

Heladeria Ca'n Miquel

This emblematic ice cream shop was founded in 1989. It is located near Jaume III Street, so you can easily come across this fancy place while strolling around the town. All the flavours are fully made of natural and local products, since the primary goal of the company is to keep the highest quality possible.

Current owners, descendants of the original creator Miquel Solivellas, explain that the key to success is to keep the same suppliers with whom they originally started: fresh milk from Agama that arrives every morning, oranges and lemons from Cooperativa de Sant Bartomeu in Sóller, fig opuntias from Porreres and strawberries from Frespi, Sa Pobla. In this shop you can simply lose yourself in trying to taste all 60 flavours.

Ca'n San Joan de Saigo

This business has a truly distinctive story that will make you completely fall in love with it. At the end of the 17th century a man whose name was Joan decided to go up to the Mallorcan mountains and collect some snow. With the help of a group of strong men, called the “nevaters”, and donkeys carrying some metal containers filled with snow, he came back to the city and mixed the snow with fruit juice. We can say that this man was the forerunner of today’s ice cream!

The most famous flavour is almond, since it is produced here on the island. Although the establishment doesn’t offer as many options as the other two, they are still yummy. It is a one-in-a-lifetime type of experience!