Bike rental in Palma de Mallorca

Do you want to rent a bike in Palma de Mallorca? call&ride bike rental is what you need! You can hire a bike and we can deliver it to any place in Mallorca. We have very good quality bikes and our prices are the cheapest in Palma.

Do not hesitate, rent a bike in Palma de Mallorca with call&ride!

Bike tours in Mallorca

Are you planning to make a bike tour in Mallorca? call&ride provides the best guided bike tours in Mallorca. We offer different guided tours in Mallorca, some of them in Palma and one in Consell. Our guided bike tours are made by Majorcan experienced guides, who will guide you throughout the beautiful city of Palma.

If you want to get to know Mallorca, make a guided bike tour with call&ride!

Shore excursions in Palma de Mallorca

Are you looking for the best shore excursion in Palma de Mallorca? Make a guided bicycle tour with call&ride and discover the amazing city of Palma in just 4 hours. Start the tour from the port of Palma for your greater comfort. Get to know the city, have some leisure time to do some shopping and ride back to the cruise.

If you are seeking a shore excursion in Palma, do not hesitate, make the best shore excursion with call&ride!

Left luggage in Palma de Mallorca

Do you need a left luggage facility in Palma de Mallorca? call&ride is the only left luggage facility in Palma center. Drop off your luggage and enjoy Palma without suitcases. We are a cheap left luggage facility in Palma and we offer total reliability.

Use our luggage storage facility in Palma and enjoy the city!

Hire a bike and enjoy Palma de Mallorca

You can find us in the street Can Puigdorfila 5, in the very city center of Palma.

City Bike

Urban bicycle with 6 gears perfect to enjoy the huge bike lane network of the coast and the city center in the most comfortable and easy way.

Available in two sizes: M (26″ wheels) and L (28″ wheels).

Trekking call&ride

Trekking Bike

Bicycle with 21 gears, front suspension for those who want to enjoy a total experience. Versatile and perfect to enjoy long routes and trails along the coast. It combines the best of an urban bike a mountain bike and a road bike.

Available in size L (28″ wheels).

Children bikes

If you travel with children who love riding a bike, we also have bikes for them!

Child Seats

For the youngest of the family we have child seats for only 5 euros.

We offer the best prices in Palma with very good quality bikes. Book your bike now and take advantage of our ONLINE OFFER!

Price per hour: 2.50 €*

City bikeTrekking bike
1 day12€ 10 €*15 €
2 days24 € 20 €29 €
3 days34 € 28 €43 €
4 days44 € 36 €55 €
5 days52 € 42 €66 €
6 days60 € 48 €76 €
7 days66 € 54 €85 €
* The price per hour (2.50€) is only applicable in our premises.
* Offer only applicable on online reservations for city bikes.

All bike rentals include high-quality LOCKS to make sure the bikes are not stolen.

We have a low-cost delivery service at your disposal. Rent a bike and get it at your hotel!

Cycle Hire in Mallorca – The Only Way to Discover Palma de Mallorca!

Hire a bike in Palma, enjoy this beautiful Mediterranean city and its impressive bike lane on its promenade.

If you are looking for a bike hire in Palma de Mallorca, you have come to the right place. Call&Ride Bike Rental is located in the street Can Puigdorfila 5, in Palma city center and has the perfect bikes for you. You can rent a city bike with 6 gears, just to get to know the city and enjoy the promenade of Palma or hire a trekking bike with 21 gears for a more demanding ride. All our bikes are almost new so you will not have any problem while riding them.

Call&Ride Bike Rental offers the best prices in Palma de Mallorca for hiring a bike. You can hire a bike for just 10 Euros if you want a city bike or hire a trekking bike for just 15 Euros. There is also the possibility of hiring a bike per hours, with a price of just 2.5 Euros per hour.

Bike Hire Palma de Mallorca Call&Ride

If you are coming with children, you also have the possibility to hire a bike for them as we have different children bike sizes and if you are coming with the youngest ones, you can also hire a bike with a child seat for just 5 Euros.

The city of Palma is completely prepared for renting a bike. It has a huge bike lane net and the city center is full of narrow alleys perfect for pedestrians and bike riders as almost not cars are allowed to drive through. When you hire a bike at Call&Ride Bike Rental you will get some tips from our staff to let you know the best places to go by bike and a city map to make it easier for you to move along Palma.

Enjoy your holidays cycling in Mallorca

Bike Rental Palma de Mallorca Call&Ride

We offer the cheapest bike rental in Palma de Mallorca. If you do not want to spend the whole day riding a bike or you just have a couple of hours to visit the city, we offer the best prices per hours. Rent a bike for just 2.5 Euros an hour and enjoy the city. Otherwise, if you want to rent a bike for the whole day you can do it for just 10 Euros!

All of our rentals include a high-quality lock to make sure bikes are not stolen. If you need it, we can also provide you a free helmet. This way, you can discover Palma in the safest way!

If you want to enjoy the best experience do not hesitate, rent a bike at Call&Ride Bike Rental and take advantage of the cheapest prices in Palma!

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