About Call&Ride Mallorca

call&ride is a young company created in 2014 by three Majorcan partners passionate about bikes, travelling and our island.

Who we are

Call&Ride is a young company created in 2014 by three Majorcan partners, Javier, Ignacio and Luis, passionate about bikes, travelling and our island. In 2016 Fernando joined our team, an experienced guide that will transmit you his love about the city of Palma its history and legends.

Proud of showing Palma to our relatives and friends again and again, its monuments, history and legends and being used to enjoy many different European cities by bike, we decided to bring our two passions together. We created a guided tours and bike rental company which allows to get to know Palma in a different way, explained by locals of the island, knowledgeable about all its corners and secrets.

Call&Ride adapt the tours to your preferences and needs in order to make your stay on the island a unique and unforgettable experience. That’s why it is ideal for families, couples or friends.

Why getting to know Palma by bike? For its more than 300 sunny days, for its nice temperature even in winter and for the increasingly large network of bike lanes. Forget traffic jams! Don’t waste your time looking for a parking lot! This without forgetting the environment: bikes are the most environmentally-friendly choice!

Let yourself be guided by our knowledgeable guides and enjoy the city. Get lost in the alleys of Palma, have a cup of coffee with a view to the cathedral, search for its hidden patios, take a ride along the seaside promenade and enjoy its spectacular beaches.

The best way of getting to know Palma is by bike, so do not hesitate: call&ride!

Our Team

Who we are


Born and raised in Mallorca. He’s passionate about travelling and his island.

Javier is an economist that studied his degree in Madrid. He also studied in Finland being part of an exchange program. His experience living and visiting foreign countries provides him social skills useful to share his knowledge about Mallorca.

Who we are


Born and raised in Mallorca. He loves bikes and getting to know new places.

Ignacio also studied a business degree in Madrid and London. Therefore he has lived in these two cities and also in Augsburg (Germany), where he worked for two years. He speaks fluent English and German and loves getting to know new people. During his leisure time he likes hiking in the Tramuntana Mountains, travelling and drinking a cold beer with his friends.


Born and raised in Mallorca. He has been passionate about travelling, meeting people and the outdoors since he was a young boy scout

 He’s been to Ireland, Madrid and the United States for higher education. He has traveled to Nepal and Nicaragua as well as many countries. He holds a degree in Environmental Studies and he’s a certified hiking, biking and horseback riding guide.


Born and raised in Mallorca. He’s passionate about road and mountain bikes and new technology.

Luis studied psychology in Jaén and lived a couple of years in Ireland. He speaks fluent English and knows every hidden corner of Palma. During his free time he likes playing videogames and getting to know Mallorca by bike.