Electric kick scooter rental in Palma de Mallorca

Electric kick scooter rental in Palma de Mallorca

Discover Palma de Mallorca on an electric kick scooter

Call&ride offers you the best electric kick scooters in town. Hire a kick scooter and enjoy the city of Palma on the most comfortable and fun way.

Electric kick scooter rental in Palma de Mallorca

During the warm days of summer you will be able to discover the city of Palma with no effort. Ride through the alleys of the city, its hidden corners and visit the most emblematic buildings of town. Once you have visited the city center, you can also ride along the promenade, using the main bike lane near the coast and enjoy the wonderful bay of Palma.

Book your electric kick scooter at Call&Ride and go around Palma in a different way.

The model we have is the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter M365.  It is the best electric kick scooter to enjoy the city of Palma. With this scooter you can select between two different riding modes, normal and eco. The normal mode will allow you to get the maximum speed, 25 km/h and a rage of 30 kilometers. Otherwise if you decide to select eco mode you can save energy and ride a longer distance. This eco mode will only allow you to get a maximum speed of 18 km/h.

This electric kick scooter comes with a double brake system which makes it really safe. This brake system will allow you to stop completely in just 4 meters.

We offer the best prices of town. Our prices adapt to your needs; you get to choose to rent a kick scooter just for a couple of hours or the whole day.


  • 1h ————- 15 €
  • 1 day ———– 30 €

Left Luggage in Palma de Mallorca

Call&Ride Mallorca has the only left luggage facility in the city center of Palma de Mallorca. We have the best prices in the city and we offer the best security as every piece of luggage kept at our facility will be locked and stored at a room that only Call&Ride Mallorca staff have access. We are located in the street Can Puigdorfila 5, only 5 minutes walking away from Mallorca Cathedral.