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You can find us on Plaza del Rosario 4, in the very city center of Palma

Scott sub Active

If you are looking for comfort, this is your E-bike. It will allow you to ride through Palma with the greatest comfort and without breaking a sweat pedaling on the slopes. It is also perfect for those who want to cycle long routes around the island easily thanks to its wide tires that provide greater traction and stability.

This electric bike features a Shimano Acera 9-speed shifter that combined with the electric engine, allows you to perfectly adapt the pace to your needs. The bike has 28-inch wheels with anti-flat tires and hydraulic disc brakes. The bicycle has a low bar frame that allows you to get on and off comfortably. Also the bike has a carry rack for your backpack or saddlebags. It is also possible to place a child seat, in case you come with small children.

The bike is equipped with a 400-watt battery Bosch engine and four power modes which provide more than 100 kilometers of range.

The Scott sub Active is a versatile bike, reliable on long rides and equipped with the latest in electric bike technology.

1 day: 35 €
2 day: 66 €
3 day: 90 €

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Trek Verve+ 1 Low Step Electric Bike

This is the perfect E-bike for those who want to try an electric bike for the first time. It is ideal to know the center of Palma, enjoy the beautiful bike path that goes from Palma to El Arenal or ride to the beaches of Illetas or Portals.

This electric bicycle has a Shimano Altus M370 8-speed gear, 28-inch wheels with puncture-resistant tires and hydraulic disc brakes. Incorporates a low bar box, which allows you to get on and off the bike comfortably and comes with integrated lights. Also the bike has a carry rack for your backpack or saddlebags. This bike has a Bosch Active Line motor with a 300 watt battery that provides a range of 70 kilometers.

1 day: 24 €
2 day: 46 €
3 day: 66 €

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Why to rent an E-bike in Palma?

  • An electric bicycle helps you pedal, allowing you to travel longer distances than you could ride with a conventional bicycle or bike rental.
  • In Mallorca there are several months a year in which it is very hot, but with an electric bike this will not bother you.
  • The E-bike is a fantastic family plan since all the members can participate.
  • During the high season months, many traffic jams are created in the city. Rent an electric bike and forget about everything pedaling on the bike lanes in Palma.
  • Finally, the environment. By moving on a bicycle you do not contaminate and you contribute to enhance the air quality.
  • You can find us on Plaza del Rosario 4, in the very city center of Palma.

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Frequently asked questions about rental electric bicycles at Call&Ride Mallorca

We have two models of electric bicycles: the Scott sub Active, which has 9 speeds and a 400 watt motor and the Trek Verve+ 1 Low Step, which comes with 8 speeds and a 300 watt motor.

You can rent a Trek Verve+ 1 Low Step for 24 Euros per day and the Scott sub Active for 35 Euros per day.

You must bring some form of photo ID (driving licence, passport, or similar) and a credit or debit card.

As long as you want. If you rent it for more than one day, we will provide you with a charger to charge the bike.

Yes, any bike you rent with us comes equipped with a maximum security lock.