Left luggage at Palma de Mallorca airport or port

  • Left luggage at the airport

The airport of Palma de Mallorca, also known as Son Sant Joan airport, is separated from the city center of Palma for just 8 km. As the airport does not provide any left luggage facility, if you want to visit the city and you do not know what to do with your suitcase, we recommend you to use the left luggage facility in Palma of call&ride Mallorca, located in the street Plaza del Rosario 4, close to the Paseo del Borne and the Cathedral of Mallorca, in the very center of Palma.

Left luggage Palma de Mallorca

The airport is good connected to the whole island, as the Levante highway, one of Mallorca’s most important, gets directly to the airport. If you do not have your own car or a rented one, the transfer to the left luggage facility can be made in different ways:

Taxi: The ride to the left luggage in Palma center lasts 15 minutes and it costs between 15 and 20 Euros. There is a taxi rank at the terminal’s gate, what makes it really easy to find one.

Bus: The ride to the city center lasts between 20 and 30 minutes and costs 5 Euros per person. The bus line is number 1 and it stops all over the city center.

Personal transfer: There are many companies which transfer people all over the island. Among them we can highlight Premium Mallorca Transfers, company that is distinguished by its punctuality, reliability and high professionalism.

  • Left luggage at the port

The port of Palma is just 4 kilometers away from the city centre. Since in its facilities you cannot find any left luggage facilities, if you want to get to know the city of Palma and you do not know where to leave your luggage, you can use the left luggage facility in Palma of call&ride Mallorca in the very city centre, located in C/ Plaza del Rosario 4, next to el Borne and very close to the Cathedral of Mallorca.

The port is very well connected to the whole island, since one of the main highways of the island links to the port. If you do not have a car these are the best options to get to the city centre:

  • Bus: The route to the city centre lasts between 10 and 15 minutes and costs 1,50€. The bus line is number 1 with lots of stops in the city centre.
  • Taxi: The route to the left luggage facility of Palma lasts 15 minutes and costs 10€.
  • Personal Transfer: Several companies dedicate to transfer people to any spot of the island. The left luggage of call&ride in Palma recommends Premium Mallorca Transfers, a punctual, serious and professional company.

Once you are in the city center, we store your luggage so you do not have to worry about anything and we also offer you the opportunity to get to know Palma by bike.

For only 5 Euros forget of your suitcase during the whole day.

Call&ride Mallorca offers you the maximal security and reliability so you only have to worry about enjoying the city!