Eager to discover the local gastronomy after having enjoyed our bike tour? Close to our bike rental shop you will find the best tapas bars and restaurants in Palma. Let yourself be advised by a local and discover the incredible Spanish gastronomy. As there are so many tapas bars in Palma, it’s not easy to select the best, but I’ve still chosen the ones I consider to be the best. Below you can find a list of the top 10 tapas bars in Palma:

tapas bars Palma de Mallorca

TOP 10 Tapas Bars in Palma:


1. Vi Vermell Tapas: Tapas bar in the center of Palma, next to Paseo del Borne and 5 minutes away from the Cathedral. Very recommendable place for its impressive croquettes, scrambled eggs with ham or its Mallorcan pa amb olis. It has an ample terrace where to enjoy the food. For dessert, the most recommendable is to have an ice cream in the ice cream parlor that they have just in the square next door, the Gelateria Rosario (for me they make the best ice creams of Mallorca).
2. La Botana: Spacious restaurant located in Can Brondo, near the Plaza del Rey Juan Carlos I. It has an extensive menu of both tapas and varied dishes. You also have the option of taking skewers from the bar, which are renewed throughout the day. It is highly recommended for families as it is very large and the treatment is very pleasant.
3. Molta Barra: Bar in the heart of Palma located in the Pes de la Farina street. It is decorated in a very striking way with a number of different elements hanging from the wall. You can take a variety of tapas and pinchos and also has a large menu of beers from around the world. It is highly recommended for young people who like bars with a lot of ambience.
4. Beewi: It has two premises, one in Paseo Mallorca and the other in Plaza del Puente. It is a tapas bar with a very good atmosphere and very good food. Apart from the tapas, they also offer a happy hour of beer at one euro every evening during the week. Both premises have a large terrace. It is really worth it!
5. Vermutería San Jaime: Tapas restaurant in Paseo Mallorca. It is a small place with a very pleasant terrace in a zone with a lot of atmosphere in Palma. It has a wide menu of tapas and rations at reasonable prices. Very recommendable its croquettes, tortilla de patatas and gildas.
6. Vermuteria la Rosa: This establishment is located in Rosa Street. It is one of the busiest places in Palma, mainly due to its menu, with plenty of tapas and pinchos and good prices. It is highly recommended to order the varied tapas as it allows you to try many of its dishes at a very affordable price. They do not take bookings so it is advisable to go a little before dinner time and have a beer at the bar until they give you table.
7. Molt de Gust: Cozy establishment with a lot of atmosphere. Ideal for a drink after work or an informal dinner. Excellent value for money. A 1 litre pitcher of beer plus 6 pinchos for only 8€. It is located in the street Félix de les Meravelles, 4A.
8. Bar El Puente: Bar with a very large terrace located in the Plaza del Puente. It is usually very crowded so it is advisable to book. Here you can enjoy many types of tapas, as well as sandwiches and pizzas. It is very cheap and the service is unbeatable.
9. La Pérgola: Restaurant in Joan Miró Street, very close to Bellver Castle, so it may be the perfect complement to your visit to the castle. They have very good tapas and food dishes, as well as a very pleasant terrace both in summer and winter. The price is very good but if you visit in summer and is very full, it may take a while to serve you. Have a little patience and enjoy their impressive food. A word of advice? Try their bombitas and pincho de tortilla.
10. Bar España: Finally, one of my favourite bars in Palma. It’s a tapas bar hidden in an alley behind Palma’s Plaza Mayor. The place is not very big and is very well known, both by the people of Palma and by the people who visit the island, so it is always very full. It has a very Spanish atmosphere and is decorated with elements of San Fermín. Enjoy its varied menu of pinchos and tapas and taste some of its delicious wines.

Want a tip for dessert after tapas?

Discover the best ice cream parlor in Palma, Gelateria Rosario located in Plaza del Rosario, 4 in the center of Palma, less than 5 minutes’ walk from the cathedral.

This ice cream parlor has the best ice creams in Palma, handmade since 1979 in Mallorca. Enjoy its wide variety of flavors and refresh yourself while strolling around the city. Among all the flavors, the pistachio, almond, strawberry, raspberry and cookie ice creams stand out.

In addition to the ice creams, they have some impressive handmade biscuits. Both the ice creams and the biscuits are worth it.