Gastronomic Markets in Palma de Mallorca

In recent years many of Palma’s life-long markets have been converted into gastronomic markets, where you can enjoy different styles of food in different stalls. Each of these stalls specialises in one type of food, complementing each other to offer a different and complete gastronomic experience.

One of the best ways to visit the gastronomic markets in Palma is by bicycle. If you are visiting Palma and want to live this magnificent experience, rent a bicycle at call&ride and follow the market route offered by the city.

What are the best gastronomic markets in Palma?

Gastronomic markets PalmaMercado de San Juan

It is a modernist building from the beginning of the XX century, which was originally designed for being the slaughter of the city.

It is located in S’escorxador, next to plaza París, united with the centre by Blanquerna’s pedestrian walk. It is really accessible by bike from the city centre since it is communicated with the bike lane.

This market opened its doors the past June 2015 and has become one of the gastronomic referents in Palma in this short period of time. This enclosure counts with a ground floor, where 17 stalls and some tables are located, a first floor with tables, a cocktail area and a wide terrace in the outdoor.

Among the offer we can highlight the stalls of “pintxos vascos”, fried fish, gourmet hamburgers, pickles and omelettes, “fideua” or Japanese. All of them make the food at the moment.

The enclosure counts with a bicycle parking just in the front door, since its almost impossible finding parking space for your car in this area of Palma.

mercados gastronómicos palma de mallorcaMercado de Santa Catalina

It is a building located in one of the most cosmopolites neighbourhoods of Palma. This neighbourhood is easily accessible by bicycle, since it is located next to the promenade and the city centre.

This market was focused on fresh products purchase. Since a while, apart from all days shopping, you can also taste different dishes cooked at the moment just in front of the customer.

It is a covered market, with more than 50 different stalls where you can find fresh fish and seafood, first quality meats, stands of flowers and plants, pickles, wines, tapas and bakeries.

It has become a must visit Saturdays at noon. These days the market is full of people having an appetizer, a vermouth or eating.

Mercado del Olivar

This is a traditional food/supply market with food stalls and different bars with more than 60 years of history. It is located in the heart of the city, next to plaza de España and its ideal for going there by bicycle since it has a bike lane and parking just in the front door.

It has more than 100 market stalls, among them you can find stalls for everyday’s shopping, and stalls for tasting food in the same market. It is worth stressing the fresh fish stalls, where people from Palma buy their food for special occasions.