Discos in Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca its been declared this 2015 by The Times as the best city of the world highlighting its exceptional weather and choosing its old town as one of the most picturesque in Spain. Many aspects have been taken into account such as the gastronomy, coasts cities, new cities and capitals with an adjusted budget. call&ride thinks they have forgotten one of the most remarkable factor of the island; the party.

Majorcan night offers plenty of possibilities and from call&ride we want to highlight the following discos in Palma de Mallorca so you can enjoy a perfect night:

Tito’s Palma

Tito’s is one of the reference points of the night. It is a must visit for those who want to assist to one of the best House sessions, with the best and more known dj’s such as Juan Magan, Wally López or Cristian Marchi. Three floors with different ambiance and an exclusive V.I.P area with an exquisite service form it. It is located in Paseo Marítimo, 31. www.titosmallorca.com

El Divino

Disco characterized by being divided in three areas; the club, the open-air terrace and the pool terrace. In the club we find a huge dancing room where you can enjoy of the best music from the hands of the best international dj’s. It also has a V.I.P area for people, which are looking for a selected and intimate ambiance. The terrace it is located in the centre of the disco. There you can enjoy of a more relaxed ambiance for resting or having a chat. The pool terrace it is situated at the top level from where you can enjoy an unbeatable view of the paseo marítimo, it also has a cocktail service. It is located in Paseo Marítimo, 33.

Pachá Mallorca

It is one of the most famous discos in Palma. In it you will find the best music from the hands of the best dj’s in the world. Everyday of the week it is associated with a different party so that you can enjoy of a new experience every night. On Monday you will enjoy of pacha classics, on Tuesdays of pure pacha, on Wednesdays of bella italia, on Thursdays of insane, on Fridays of last shout, on Saturdays of posture and on Sundays of feel. Also it has a V.I.P area with the best service for the most select clients. It is located in Paseo Marítimo, 42.

Club de Mar Terrace & Night Club

This disco stands out for its terrace where you can enjoy of your favourite drink with one of the best views to the bay of Palma. Once you are inside the club you will enjoy of the best music in a great ambiance. It is located at the Club de Mar in Muelle Pelaires s/n. www.clubdemar-mallorca.com


If what you really enjoy is indie pop music do not hesitate, Sabotage is your club. Enjoy concerts, its music, its football table and its mojitos. This club hosts every last Saturday of the month a party with the best indie pop from the hands of Hiperespacio and Sodapop dj’s. It is located in plaza del vapor.

If apart of going out you want to get to know the city of Palma, do not hesitate to make a guided tour with us!