The best ensaimadas of Palma de Mallorca

Any person who visits the island would have heard about the ensaimadas. Now a short history about the sweet and the best places to taste it in Palma.

The ensaimada (in Majorcan “ensaïmada”, from “saïm”, lard) is a confectionary product made of sweetened dough. Ingredients are lard, strong flavour, sugar, eggs, sourdough and water.

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It is a very traditional product in the island, made and consumed in Mallorca since the 17th century. It is in this century when it is possible to find the first written references about the ensaimadas. In those days, flavour was needed for bread production, that’s why the ensaimadas were only produced on the occasion of parties and celebrations.

The ensaimada is the Majorcan confectionary product par excellence and counts on a significant social and international recognition.

There are two kinds of ensaimadas; plain ensaimadas, which optionally can be sprinkled with powdered sugar, and stuffed ensaimadas. The stuffing inside an ensaimada can be varied, highlighting the following; “cabello de ángel” (angel hair; made with pumpkin pulp and sugar), cream, “tallades” (plain ensaimada with sobrasada on the ensaimada) and chocolate.

It is worth to take home a box, but they must be ordered in advance. The best way to enjoy them is with a hot chocolate or with an ice cream during the summer.

After a bike ride, what’s better than taste a typical and delicious Majorcan ensaimada?

The best places we can recommend you for eat ensaimada are the following:

  • Ca’n Joan de Saigo – C/ Can Sanç 10 y C/ del Baró de Santa Maria del Sepulcre, 5

This pastry can be found in the city centre of Palma. It has two locals that date from the 18th century and it is one of the cafeterias par excellence of people from Palma. Besides ensaimadas other Majorcan pastry products can be tasted, as the “gató” and “cuart”.

  • Forn Nou – C/ Sant Joaquim, 8

It is an old familiar bakery. The current owners are the third generation running the business. They still make ensaimadas in a traditional way in a wood-fired oven.

  • Forn des Teatre – Plaza de Weyler, 9

This bakery was created in the 19th century, even though its façade was refurbished in 1916 following the modernist trend of the period. It has a rustic indoor and a terrace where you can taste ensaimadas, as well as pies, “cocarrois”, and different pastry. In this place you can also find the traditional “hierbas mallorquinas”

  • Forn de la Concepció – C/ Concepció 16

Bakery founded in 1902, with a simple but welcoming furniture and decoration. Besides ensaimadas, in the local it is also possible to buy very tasty “sobrasadas”.

  • Horno de Santo Cristo – C/ Paraires, 2

This bakery was found in 1910 and it is one of the most emblematic places in the city of Palma, where different kind of typical products can be found. The ensaimadas of this bakery are the most known both within and outside Mallorca.

Here you can find a map, which shows you the previous locals.

Make a guided tour with us and we will show where to taste this delicious ensaimadas!